Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome newcomers! We are certain you’ll enjoy your experience orienteering. We have intro books in the resources section of the homepage that are available to club members. Feel free to borrow them, and then get out in the woods and enjoy navigating. Also feel free to ask people questions at the events, or contact the club with any questions. We are a small and friendly group, and look forward to seeing you at future events!

How do I join the club?

You can join the club at any of our events, or mail a check to the address on the main page of the homepage made out to the Badger Orienteeting Club.

What is the cost?

Memberships are $10 for individuals and $15 for families.

I’ve never tried orienteering before. Are your events suitable for beginners?

Each of our events has two courses, one designed for beginners and the other designed for those with experience. Our events are suitable for all ages and abilities.

How long will it take?

Our beginner courses usually takes someone who hasn’t orienteered before about one hour to walk. Of course it is possible that you will take more or less time.

I’d like to get some instruction. Is that available?

Yes. We offer a beginner’s clinic at all of our events to anyone who asks for it. We cover the basics of compass use and how to read your map. We may also cover some basic orienteering stategies.

Where are the events held?

Our events are listed in the schedule section of the homepage. Directions to the event sites are listed on that page as well.

When should I show up?

Most of our events begin at noon. But since each participant starts at a different times, you may show up a little early or a little later if you like. Just remember that we will start removing the markers around 2 or 3pm. So if you show up late, you may find you are unable to complete the course before we take it down.

Can I orienteer with a friend?

Yes. We allow you to do it individually or in any size group you want.

Can I bring my dog?

We don’t have any rules regarding pets. However, some parks have regulations prohibiting dogs. If dogs are permitted, make sure to bring a leash and a clean-up bag.

What do I wear?

Short courses are mainly on or near trails, but you may have to go in the woods. Therefore we recommend wearing comfortable clothing that gives your legs protection from prickly bushes, etc. You may also want to wear long sleeves to protect your arms. Any pair of comfortable shoes should do. Your clothing may get dirty or torn. And of course dress for the weather.

Will the event be held if it rains or snows?

Yes. Our events are rain or shine. We don’t cancel events because of weather.

Do I need a compass?

Usually you can get by without a compass on the short course. But they can be helpful. We do have compasses that we rent for $1 if you want to borrow one.

What kind of compass should I buy?

We recommend a basic silva compass with a baseplate. These are available for about $10. Many orienteers use thumb compasses. These are strapped to your thumb and are quite convenient when orienteering. Compasses can be bought from orienteering suppliers.

What books do you recommend for learning more about orienteering?

There are a number of good books on orienteering. The club has a number of books it lends out to members. Just ask about that at an event or email the club. If you want to own your own book, we recommend contacting one of the orienteering suppliers. We have one listed in the links section of the homepage.

I would like to bring my scout troop. Is that okay?

Yes. If you know that you are bringing a large group then please contact us so we can be prepared to deal with a large crowd.