October 1 Event, Lapham Peak, UPDATE

Posted 27 September 2016 by Kevin Teschendorf

We will be having our first event this Saturday, October 1st, at Lapham Peak near Delafield, WI. We’ll have a long and short course, as usual, and maybe a medium course, too. All are welcome.

We will have 5.1K, 3.0K and 1.5K courses. The cost is $15/$10/$7 respectively.

We will start from the parking lot just below the parking lot at the top of the hill. It is the first left after Homestead Hollow parking lot, 50 meters before the tower parking lot.

I will try to be ready to go by 12:30pm, so starts from 12:30pm until 1:30pm and the course closing at 3:30pm. The markers for the long course are hung, but I haven’t hung the emit stations. If anyone is able to help with that or can do registration for me while I hang them, please send me an email. I could also use 3 people or groups of people to help with control pickup on the long course and someone to pick up the short course.

I think it will be a nice day at the park. : )