December 4, 2016 Event

It was a very eventful day due to the weather. In spite of that 31 people showed up to test their orienteering skills against the Cat’s Meow terrain. The temperatures were around 32 degrees and the snow was falling, as we picked up about 3 inches of snow. When I arrived at 9:15am there was just a small amount on the ground.

We had a few people waiting for me to return from setting up the short course around 10am and we were under way. A second wave of people arrived about a half hour later. There was a mix of a few younger people getting scout credit, some out of state people, Chicago and Indianapolis, and the editor of Compass Sport, Nick Barrable. There were also a number of adventure racers present.

According to a copy of Compass Sport magazine, Nice Barrable is one of the highest age/gender rated orienteers in Britain. He was able to complete the 5.8K course in 53:44. Anthony Leiton finished second in 74:53 and first amongst Wisconsinites to take the state crown for 2016.

The conditions were very slippery, which is one reason for the slow times.

Unfortunately, we are having difficulties getting the data collector to download, so results are not available at this time for the medium and long courses. There is a chance I will be able to get them up next year.

Short course 1.1K

1. Andrea L. 21:55
2. Owen/Erik 43:54
3. Zhibin/Nathanael 54:30